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July 11 2017

June 12 2017

Fortune Cookie: Digital circuits are made from analog parts. (source)

June 10 2017

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June 07 2017

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May 27 2017

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May 11 2017

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Makeup Artist Who Dons Gorgeous Skull Inspired Looks

British makeup artist Vanessa Davis, also known as “The Skulltress” has taken the internet by storm, her amazing motifs inspiring many to take up the beautiful art of face painting.

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April 19 2017

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April 10 2017

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March 30 2017

Smack My Dali Up T-Shirt (Prodigy & Dali)
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March 17 2017

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Steinbäume <3
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March 13 2017

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February 27 2017

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Do you even lift bro. [video]

July 10 2015

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CCC Camp 2015

July 09 2015

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July 08 2015

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Meanwhile at Bielefeld University ...
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July 07 2015

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Laser Cooling - Sixty Symbols: Cooling with Lasers
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July 06 2015

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